Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Kick Ass Woman

When I'm grown up I'm gonna kick ass,
with agility,
and a northern working class accent.
I'm gonna be feisty, I'm gonna be hard as nails
on the outside, with a vulnerable, soft centre,
a certain fragility.
So I will never kick ass unnecessarily. 
And if I start the descent 
into a redundancy of sass,
or feist, I will remember 
that being a northern, female heroine entails
a massive, unsubtle contrast,
an almost schizophrenic mentality.
Bearing that in mind I shall then find
some experience on which to draw,
or think of 'me Nan',
and hard times, and endless grind,
so that I can look wise and sympathise,
before dusting myself down 
and kicking different ass, or kicking ass differently,
because I will be nothing if not creative
in my ass kicking ability.

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