Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Malcolm Arnold, Composer of the Week

Are you of a sensitive disposition?
Affected by the issues 
In today’s episode?
Drinking heavily, throwing up your guts? 
Are you a wife beater, ill tempered, bad? 
Or a distressed and anxious, alcoholic?
Well cheer up, it could be worse,
I won’t suggest that you write verse,
But dry your eyes, you don’t need tissues,
Try your hand at composition,
Musicians often are quite mad.
Why not write a dance, bucolic,
Or something in Jamaican mode?
Leave the bar at closing time,
Create a symphony sublime.
Write a hundred film scores then
A fine concerto, maybe ten,
Who knows how much sheer brilliance,
And genius at orchestration
Comes in part from deep resilience
From hard work and concentration
And how much just from being nuts?

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