Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Real Fascism Has Not Been Tried, Recently.

 Real Fascism Has Not Been Tried Recently

No, this authoritarian approach

Is not the Fascism that I admire,

But I don’t care for questions or reproach,

Ideas and history still light my fire.

And no, I will not now concede 

That any ideology is wrong

That says consider first the ‘in group’s’ need,

You needs must prove by action you belong.

I know that vaccine passports aren’t the way,

Experimental vaccines can’t be forced,

But give me ‘in group’ thinking any day,

In theory, in discussion, quite divorced

From what is going on from week to week.

I’m not some lefty individualist

The truth and best way forward’s what I seek,

And yet I can’t abide a pragmatist.

And real Fascism has not been tried,

And who today is Caesar, ‘One Great Man’?

Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab? Such men must be denied

Simply on the basis that I am not their fan,

Since they disguise their psychopath’s ideas,

And don’t acknowledge all their thinking owes

To Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, those

Who came before.  And scared of people’s fears

They hide behind the ‘green’ agenda still,

Their thinking is not national but global,

And they care naught for beauty, what is noble,

And using dread disease impose their will

And style themselves as would-be hero Nannies,

Who, killing the economy, 'save' grannies,


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