Sunday, 21 January 2018

A Prayer For A First Past The Post Marriage.

Let our life together be better,
Than some grand, bland coalition;
Let us each do well what we each do best;
And fight and rejoice in opposition.
Let our love stand every test;
Let marriage be a happy competition.

Let us not always accommodate 
The half arsed efforts of the other,
But ‘step up to the plate’,
Father and mother,
Cat and dog, sister and brother.

We are meant to love, not tolerate.
Let us not hinder or fetter,
But let us not turn our life beige;
Let us storm and rage
Certain it is with the best intention,
The desire to win in the joint interest,
And let the winner wear the crown
Don’t always, compromise,
Let us jointly feather our nest,
Holding up each scrap of down
For the other to scrutinise
And let us criticise,
Certain, in our love, that the other is wise.


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