Friday, 5 January 2018

It’s That Man Again

I am the great epistocrat,
the power-crazed, pompous, preening, prat,
Philosopher King, not democrat.

I might have come ‘first past the post’
some years ago, so I could boast,
‘The people love me, quite the most’,
and there was nothing wrong with that.
The people knew then what they did.
they know not now, so let’s get rid,
select a new electorate,
I’ll be judge and the inspectorate,
pick chaps who understand the state
is complex, hard and far too great
a thing to leave to common men.
for such men never contemplate,
but act on instinct, knock down flat
my fine ideas and say the truth was what I hid,
they say they'll not trust me again, they say I'm toast.

I’ll not give up, I will come back,
I’ll argue all day, white is black,
I am the great epistocrat,
So, Demos, have a fucking care,
For I’m your God, I’m Tony Blair!

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