Sunday, 14 January 2018

Project Fear

Because I “cannot comprehend
The difference between a nation
And a commercial enterprise”,
I shall assume that you, my lowly friend,
Are likewise ignorant.  I know that your frustration
With life cannot stem from the sudden rise
In immigration, 
Which only happened to coincide with what seemed to be the end
Of your community. I know that the determination
To make your neighbourhood diverse by increasing in size
The number of its members, not wishing to blend,
Fit in, adopt your customs, make any attempt at integration
Could not have had any ill effects, because the wise,
(That is, people like me) say so.  Instead, I contend
That what you really care about is your financial situation.
I know that you believe the lies
Of those old fashioned, prejudiced, populists, who tend
To appeal deliberately to the nostalgic, conservative population.
But I advise:
Turn a deaf ear, think only of the bottom line, do not defend
The past, or hanker after it.  Do not risk a depreciation
Of your capital assets.  Hark not to the hysterical cries
Of those who look to history, yet would rend
This carefully constructed veil, remove this modern veneer of civilisation,
Our brilliant new world, where only the poor must compromise,
And people like me can preach tolerance and send
Signals of virtue to those who share our political position.
Because this new status quo suits me, you should surmise
That it is also best for you.  I shan’t condescend
To speak of this again, I have given my instruction:
Vote to stick with the bureaucratic institution, do not cut the ties.

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