Thursday, 28 May 2020

Formica is not Sad

Formica topped tables are not sad.
Don’t let that false notion into your head.
They may fill you with nostalgia
Because there was one at home
When you were a little lad,
But it was full of good cheer
And probably red,
With contemporary legs.
It was full of post war optimism
And a practical idea.
It hosted glass milk bottles
And boxes of speckled eggs
And tinned peaches and Carnation,
And the Good Housekeeping Cookery Book
With its beautiful illustrations
Of women, in clean kitchens,
With hair in turbans, wearing neat aprons.
It allowed itself to be wiped clean
With Jaycloths,
That “got you out of sticky situations”.
And was never mean
About hot cups without saucers,
Though it drew the mark at hot pans.
It went with the jolly, abstract patterned lino
Laid over the old, rough, cold stone flags,
And it admired the toughness of Pyrex
Encouraging the making of casseroles.
It held up the pamphlet for ‘Singing Together’
And ‘Listened, With Mother’.

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