Monday, 18 May 2020

Imaginary Friends

I do it all for you darlings,
My bike rides, my running,
My hiking, I record it on an app.
I’m that sort of chap.
So you can see that I am holding myself 
To a high standard and not giving up
On my routine. 
It would seem mean
To deprive others
Of the ability to compare
Their times against mine,
Over a given route.
It’s amazing how these things can trace
You every step of the way,
Wherever you are in an open space.
I would never dream of not being
In competition with myself,
It would lower my self esteem.
I’m in great shape now,
Adonis like, stunning.
Even when I walk the dog,
I would never turn back
When I was tired, or the dog was lame,
That’s not my game.
I always walk to the same place
And touch the gate post
Before retracing my tracks,
Counting my steps,
Till the journey ends,
I never cut myself any slack. 
I do it all for you, my friends.

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