Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The Consolation of Imaginary Fear.

“This pandemic is not just about health, it is about fear, and the objects that are singled out and then made the ground and motivation of systematic thought and action. To be afraid has become an obligation, a responsibility, a duty. People are afraid not just because of what they experience but because they are told to be afraid and encouraged to inhabit the world with fear of “foreign bodies” and “invisible enemies.” Carlo Caduff

“Pandemics” of this sort, concern not health
They are concerned much more with public fear
And the objects which are singled out, made clear,
Are then made ground for spending public wealth.
They’re targeted made ground and motivation
For systematic thought and focused action
To be frightened is an obligation,
A duty and a cause of satisfaction.
And patriotic sentiments eliminate
Feelings of embarrassment and cowardice
And caring about money is just avarice,
So learn to nod along and learn to sublimate.
You’re complex, feel the complicated horror,
Of the consolation of imaginary terror.

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