Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Life Considered An Absolute Value

Public discourse is highly moralized. Looking for someone to blame, individuals are exposed as “super-spreaders” responsible for the rising number of cases. On social media, “lockdown warriors” accuse citizens of lack of patriotism and failure to “do their duty” in the face of danger. In this highly moralized public discourse, life is considered an absolute value that can justify almost every form of disciplinary intervention in the name of health.  Carlo Caduff

The public discourse, highly moralised,
Must always seek out someone who’s to blame.
And individuals, criminalised,
Humiliated, made to feel great shame,
Must great responsibility then bear.
The “lockdown warriors” all love to twitch
Their virtual net curtains and to snitch
On neighbours, whom they hate. They do not care
To love their neighbours as themselves, nor how
One needs must ‘walk a mile in someone’s shoes’
To understand their actions, here and now,
Might come from some old pressing need. Why use
This notion: life as value absolute
In order to engage in this pursuit
Of discipline and blunt state intervention
All in the name of health or death prevention?

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