Tuesday, 5 May 2020


We need not scientists, but polymaths,
Nor statisticians, but Renaissance men,
We need not politicians, but Sylvia Plaths,
And artists and musicians
Who understand the world in ten
Or twenty different ways, 
Who speak miscellaneously,
Who daydream, gaze
In wonder and recognise the truth,
With the ability of fragility
The docility of fallibility
The humility of futility.
We need not some big shot
Some limited ideologist
Some epidemiologist,
With his models, curves and graphs
We need someone who laughs
In the face of reduction
And at those who seek
To comprehend the world 
And to give instruction.
We need:
Someone who can speak 
With credibility on the possibility
Of the hostility contained in tranquility
Of the imbecility of immobility,
The tractability of gullibility,
Someone wise,
One whose vulnerability
Is an obvious blessing,
Not a disguise.

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