Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Singing Hymns For My Own Funeral (I’m not dying I was just in a gothic mood)

Today I recorded some hymns, SATB,
For my own funeral, lest no one should attend.
Of course it was a rather ragged, barber shop affair,
Since I myself sang all the different parts 
And I couldn’t sing the mens’ all an octave lower.
I recorded it on an app I’d downloaded.

Today I whipped myself up into madness
And ended in tears and sadness
When the pent up frustration exploded.

I once thought life couldn’t get any slower,
Now it speeds up and drags in fits and starts,
I make myself laugh out loud and weep, in despair.

But mood waves and sound waves combined in the end
Into a hymn of Him who died, for me.

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